English as a Second Language

Friendly English language lessons from a CELTA qualified teacher

Daytime English language lessons are available for speakers of foreign languages. Lessons are planned and delivered to the learner's requirements, which are discussed in the initial session and regularly throughout the tutoring process. Course books and authentic materials are used, helping the learner to develop a variety of reading and listening skills. The topics of speaking and writing sessions are influenced by the learner and can range from writing text messages and having social conversations to formal writing and giving presentations. Vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar skills are embedded into every lesson. 

General English, conversation practice and IELTS support are all available. 

  • Lessons take place in public places (for example coffee shops or libraries). My usual areas include Solihull, Kings Heath and Hall Green. 

  • Lesson are available during the morning on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

  • Lessons can also be taken online using Skype or similar. 

  • Lessons are paid for online in advance or by cash/cheque in advance. Lesson prices: 
    30 minutes, £16
    1 hour, £26
    90 minutes, £36
    2 hours: £46

  • If the tutoring location is outside my normal area, then an extra charge will be made to help with travel costs. Please ask about this.

  • One hour online lessons are available at a price of £23.

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English beginners

Morning lessons.
Reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary.

30 minute lesson is £16.

1 hour lesson is £26.
90 minute lesson is £36.
2 hour lesson is £46.
Lessons cost more if you live far from Solihull.
We can meet at a cafe, a library or in the sunny park!
You can have online lessons for 1 hour for £23. 

Online lessons only at this time. 

"This was an engaging and useful lesson with plenty of meaningful practice. You are a clear and confident teacher." 

"Your lessons were very good and informative. I like your way of teaching and delivering the information. Thank you for everything."

Mrs G., 2018

L.B.A., 2019