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Face-to-face tutoring

Reaching your child's potential


I tutor children aged 5-16 in English and Maths, adapting the programme of study to the child's individual needs. I stick closely to the National Curriculum and GCSE topics but also recognise that there are areas of study or methods which are not emphasised heavily in the curriculum but are beneficial for a child's overall learning. I do not take on pupils with the aim of getting them through school entrance exams; I believe strongly in a good general education at all ages. I am keen to tutor children in areas such as History and Geography, and can link this very clearly with English and Maths. I find this provides a context or purpose, which adds more meaning to the learning.

Although I am trained as a primary teacher, I have, since April 2015, also been tutoring students aged 11-16 in Maths and English. I studied an A Level in Maths and harbour a great interest in the English language and creative writing. 

Since Summer 2018, I have also offered beginners French at primary/KS3 level.

With experience in tutoring adults too (e.g. for GCSE Maths and beginners French), I would welcome enquiries from mature learners.  



Tutoring sessions are booked weekly or fortnightly with a regular time slot (There can be some flexibility to swap this if something of a 'one off' nature comes up).


For home visits, I come to your house at the arranged time and work with your child in a distraction-free environment, using a variety of resources and learning strategies (whiteboards, text books, practical resources, computer games on my laptop). If you have Wi-Fi, we can connect and use websites for research, games and teaching.


For lessons in the Garden Room, I will meet your child on the drive and show them through to the Garden Room. Children will need to bring their exercise book and can bring their own pencil case, drink and phone if they want to. Afterwards, I will walk the child to the front of the house to check an adult is there to collect them. If you are interested in lessons for your child in the Garden Room, feel free to come and visit yourself!

At the end of the session, I might set or suggest some further activities as homework but these are optional. I will briefly feedback to parents (in person or via text/email/phone) about what we have covered and any strengths or weaknesses discovered during the learning activities. I will also confirm our next lesson.


All payments are made online on a monthly or half-termly basis.



Tutoring sessions usually last for one hour and are charged at £35. For children in KS1 or Year 3 or 4,  30 or 45 minute lessons are available. For home visits, there is a £5 charge per visit towards travelling time/costs. It is £5 if the tutoring location is within my normal area (see map). Outside of this area, prices will increase - please get in touch if this applies to you. 



Fridays 4-5pm weekly online lessons available. 

If these times don't suit you, do get in touch, as things are always changing!

Otherwise, please take a look at the Flexi-Learn Scheme, which might work for you in the meantime.


Due to my limited availability, I am open to teaching MORNING sessions, which could work well for an organised family with children who are awake and enthusiastic before school! Get in touch if this is something that would interest you.

“Our daughter has been truly inspired this year by Miss Richards
and we are thrilled with the progress she has made.”

Mrs B., 2012

"She was so happy after her first session. I could see a change in her confidence straight away." 

Mrs M., 2017

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