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Flexible Learning

'Ad hoc' tutoring in your home;  distance learning with online video support;  or just a bit of help with homework - Rock Solid Learning is here to support you.

'After what you've done already, I trust you implicitly. You have nothing to prove to me.' 

Mrs G. 2017

"You do teach up to GCSE, don't you? Well don't you go anywhere then..."

Mrs S., mother of a Year 8 pupil, 2018

The Flexi-Learn Scheme
The Distance Learning 
Anytime Facetime
A way forward for those who don't want a fixed, regular tutoring session and, for those who do, this is a 'waiting list' with a difference.

This scheme provides a flexible way to get your child learning outside of school but without a regular commitment. It works by being offered one-off slots that are cancelled by regular pupils. These sessions can fall on any day of the week and sometimes at quite short notice. There is no pressure to take up the offer of a slot but for this to work well, you would need a fairly free week, and the flexibility to have your tutoring at quite short notice. Available sessions are sent out by text message to all families on the Flexi-Learn Scheme and they are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. If I haven't seen your child in 4 weeks, I would consider offering a Saturday morning slot to keep some continuity in their tutoring experience.

Please note, when regular tutoring slots become available, they are offered to people on the Flexi-Learn Scheme first. In this way, the Flexi-Learn Scheme acts like a waiting list.

Think correspondence course meets digital learning.

With no long-term or regular commitments, this is an ideal option for enthusiastic children near and far. Use a trusty workbook to practise all the topics you need by hand (perfect for exam technique) but use your device to comminicate with your tutor, send images of your work and receive a personalised 10 minute feedback video. 

At £12 per topic/video, this is an affordable way of supporting your child with a tutor. 

Maths is available for 7-16 year olds

Reading comprehension, grammar and writing are available for 7-11 year olds.


See Rock Solid: Learning Deeper for more information about this initiative. 

Help with homework for anybody, anytime.

Sometimes you just don't know where to start with homework or with that one particular question. Rather than worrying about it, use the Anytime Facetime service. 

Send a message outlining the question and we'll arrange to Facetime or Skype for 10 minutes within the next 24 hours. This way, a particular method can be explained, or the first steps to completing the homework can be outlined. 

This service is available for any KS1/KS2 homework and for Maths at KS3/KS4.

This service is free once a week for existing regular or Flexi-Learn Scheme pupils. For students not enrolled in RSL tutoring, there is a £3 fee, which is payable by bank transfer before the Facetime/Skype call. 

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