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Supporting Worldwide Education


Miss Richards believes strongly in a good education being an important foundation for any child's future.Since she was at school herself, she has supported other children and schools across the world.

Kapumpe Christian Primary School

Miss Richards' good friend, Miss Voice, moved to Zambia in 2015 to begin teaching at a school near Ndola. The school forms part of a charity with some paid and some voluntary teachers. Miss Richards is keeping in touch with Miss Voice, learning about the joys and challenges of setting up a school in a different country. She is posting out resources for the new teachers and classrooms. 


Compassion is a fantastic charity that supports children in poverty around the world. It aims to give individual children and their families the best opportunities in life by linking each family up with a sponsor who pays for the child's education and gets to hear all their news through personal letters and general newsletters. Miss Richards sponsors a girl in Rwanda through Compassion.

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